Gods Of Fire Band


Gods of Fire is a 5 piece Metal band from New York. Imagine if Iron Maiden, Dio, and Judas Priest all got together and fused with fantasy characters from Clash Of The Titans and Lord Of The Rings. The ending result would be GODS OF FIRE. Drawing on musical influences from the aforementioned bands, GODS OF FIRE add a little metal twist to their identity: costume changes, stage names, and a live show which is unforgettable. Hearing their album isn’t enough. This band has to be seen live for the full experience.

Below is the member profiles in 2009. Since then there has been some change in members. Currently they are not actively performing and some of them joined other bands. You can listen some of their music at https://godsoffire.bandcamp.com/.



The lead singer of Gods of Fire.  He is the bringer of fire to man.  If you burn yourself trying to light up a joint and you feel the need to bitch to him he will tell you to go kiss his ass.  I have extensively told you his tale in “The Story of Fire.”   If you are such a fool that you cannot figure out how to read this then you will just have to be satisfied with worshipping the sheer power of his metal screams.

LIKES: Bringing both fire and Metal to man.

DISLIKES: People that dislike fire and Metal, birds that rip out his liver daily, Zeus.


The rhythm/lead guitarist for Gods of Fire.  He might be dead.  Like robots of the future, he seems to survive exclusively on alcohol.  DJ Blood, as his close friends refer to him, is the most uncontrollable and unpredictable member of the band.  He often talks backstage about fighting alongside Mongols or complaining about the high cost of chain mail.  The chicks ask me all the time, “What’s up with the possibly dead guy?  He looks like he might be fun for a night. Has he had all his shots?”  That’s usually when I damn their souls for all eternity and rake them over the hot coals of hell.  DJ Blood absolutely hates when I do that. His new year’s resolution is to get a dog.

LIKES: Hitting stuff, poking stuff with a stick, General Tso’s Chicken extra spicy, women that believe they are possessed by demons, demons that do possess chicks, reading to the blind, syncopated rhythms.

DISLIKES: Milk, snow angels, people that have all their original limbs, activists who don’t contribute to the Save The Metal fund, the Polio vaccine.


The bassist for Gods of Fire.  Like his predecessor Evilray, EvilThunder is a lawyer – a finely evil trade for a finely evil man.  So truly vile is he that he personally has contacted Evilray to declare that he is in fact the evilest Gods of Fire bass player ever.  As the issue is still in doubt there have been rumors of a “Soul Off” in the works (new Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito will be an honorary judge).  Regarding his bass playing, EvilThunder’s ability to crush your heart and melt your face is second to none.  I love him dearly for this.

LIKES: Crushing your soul, electric chairs, lethal injections, firing squads, gallows,  guillotines,  murder 1 cases, hockey players that maul and maim.

DISLIKES: Johnnie Cochran’s spirit, Tort reform, lawyers (a self loathing fellow is EvilThunder), Usher, Kanye West, Evilray’s questionable tactics in the “Soul Off” of 2003.


The drummer, and newest member, of Gods of Fire.  Helios is known by many for spitting lightning bolts and destroying mortals who would not recognize him to be the one and only heir to Ian Paice’s throne as the left handed master of all jazz/prog/metal drumming.  It is for this reason that DJ Blood Sacrifice immediately recognized him as the proper heir to Fra Diavolo’s seat.  While he is not the connoisseur of fine food and wine that Fra Diavolo was (he generally enjoys feasting on cow entrails with DJ Blood Sacrifice), he is capable of killing your enemies slowly if you should need him for that service (it’s an Italian thing).

LIKES:  Left handed kits with 4 bass drums, hot dogs combined with a good knish, wife beaters.

DISLIKES: Disintegrating his enemies too quickly, indigestion jokes, those who do not worship his metallic sun chariot.


The lead/rhythm guitar player for Gods of Fire.  He is the son of an eccentric London socialite.  Ostracized at an early age for his rather unique taste in fashion, he turned to the forces of metal for guidance.  Metal  has treated Saucy extremely well.  His flowing styling, once the enemy of his sexual existence, has become a hit with the wenches. However, rest assured there will be some MAJOR damning of him for this adulation of his poor taste.  Also, he is now working Donatella Versace in preparation for the winter 2003 Urn Collection.

LIKES:  Shredding, Maj jong, Cricket, Curling, the fashion statements that can be made a funerals, the 1800’s London socialite scene, parental guidance, Jack the Ripper.

DISLIKES: Modern Fashion, people who think that curling is not a real sport, Scotland Yard.