Music Can Heal Everybody

Girl Listen Music

Everybody has different taste on his or her favorite music style, but I am sure everybody will like music itself. It would be hard to deny the pleasure when you hear the beautiful sound of music. You have probably heard about that music can not only entertain our ears but only heal your body and mind, haven’t you? It is called music therapy.

When we say music therapy, it has been known to be effective and mainly applied for mental symptom or disease like attention deficit disorder or depression. In recent studies it has shown to improve physical aspect! It is also effective in cancer treatment. Doesn’t it sound great?

In trials with 3,731 cancer patients, music therapy was offered by trained music therapists as well as by listening pre-recorded music. In both trials, it was effective in relieving pains and fatigue. In other words, whether it was offered by music therapist or pre-recorded music, music can improve patients’ anxiety and mental stability!

Of course, it is difficult to say that listening music has direct therapeutic effect on cancer cells. However, we can still say the effect of music therapy is very promising because listening music can reduce the use of pain medicines and can lead to shorter hospital stay and recovery period. I am sure it can help you a lot when you hear a lot of music daily!

Do you have dogs? Are they happy when you leave for work? What should we do if they don’t look happy? Can music help them? Even plants seem to grow better when we offer music. How about our best friends, puppies? Music is also good for our friends. You can even find a Youtube video with dog’s favorite music. Like humans, most of dog’s behavior problems is coming from anxiety. In other words, it would be effective to naturally relieve dog’s anxiety externally.

Relaxing music can partly reduce dog’s stress and relieve separation anxiety. When we use the music therapy to our puppies, a study shows music can affect dog’s brain wave, skin response, heart rate and blood pressure, and improve immune system. However, you should refrain from playing music too often. Dogs have sensitive ears and it can be another stress when you play too much.

Try to listen with your dog! It will make your and puppy’s brain relax and may make you fall asleep. It will be more stimulus to your dog and can be more effective. Especially when you play it to your young puppy, it could help with emotional development and prevent to become an aggressive dog.